I Guest Blogged!: 5 Steps to Combat Winter Dryness

Posted by KreyolGirl on 2/5/2015 to Health
*Stage Presents invited me to guest blog and share 5 steps to combat winter dryness. It was a great experience. I enjoyed colloborating with such a dynamic business. Here's a partial reprint of the article. The rest can be read at their site.*

Colder months bring with them a new set of skin-care challenges. Unless we live in subtropical climates, the air is usually more frigid and drying, and less humid. With winter well underway, I’m going to share 5 tips for helping your skin survive this year’s cold front.

13 Ways to Leave Your Warts

Posted by KreyolGirl on 9/26/2014 to Health
When I say we're more than a deodorant company in some of my videos, I really mean that. Often, I field questions from customers regarding areas other than their 'pits. The latest question asked about ideas for getting rid of plantar warts. Boy, do I have a bevy of suggestions. First, let me say that I am not a doctor and don't play one on TV, but I have come across a wart or two in my day. Paul Simon told us about 50 ways to leave your lover, I'm going to share 13 ways to leave your warts. I can't promise all or any will work for you, but, hey, when faced with an intrusive wart, it could be worth a try.

How Vitamin C KO’d My Sciatica

Posted by KreyolGirl on 5/22/2014 to Health
I have an old injury from my military days, which contributed to the degeneration of discs in my L4/L5 spinal segment. In October 2013, issues with my lower back flared up again. By February, one of the discs had herniated severely compressing my thecal sac and left lateral recess, causing a horrible case of sciatica. For almost two months, I’d lost the ability to get myself out of bed without assistance (and it still took about 30 minutes or so before I could calm my leg down enough to move). I could barely dress myself, sit or stand, and spent some days on crutches or used a cane. I hated the thought of going to bed, because I knew I’d be trapped in there, not to mention the pain worsened during the night as my body temp dropped and my muscles stiffened.