About Us

Nandi's Naturals' FounderHi, I'm Yolanda "Nandi" Jacobs, founder of Nandi's Naturals Handmade Bath and Body, and I'd like to welcome you to our online home. 

If you're at this page, you're more than likely looking to learn a little more about me, about us. Learning about me certainly helps you to learn about us and our mission. 

Born and bred in small-town Louisiana, most of what I consumed came straight from the earth, no additives, no preservatives, no fillers. While life choices might have taken this kreyol girl away from my small-town upbringing, one thing always remained: a desire to recreate my childhood, where we picked figs and pears fresh off the trees in my grandmother's backyard, chickens clucked, roosters crowed, and my grandmother cooked handmade soap in large pots over the fire.

Simplicity was our lifestyle back then. With the proliferation of natural products on the market, it appears simplicity is making a comeback. I can't be happier, especially if it means less wear and tear on the planet AND on us. 

In doing my part, to live more simply, I know my grandmother and mother would be proud to see that I've taken on the family trade of soapmaking, and went a step further with the creation and production of my own line of "as close to nature as possible" handmade products. My company has proven that making an excellent product doesn't require tons of unpronounceable, questionable ingredients, when simple, safe ingredients will do. 

So, it's with the vision of summer days eating blackberries until my mouth turned blue and fingertips black, that I continue to forge ahead, making available to you the same quality products produced and used by my family. 

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

All the best,