You're Invited! The Handmade Business Conference

Posted by KreyolGirl on 10/9/2013 to Events
If you are just starting your business, this conference will give you a head start in the right direction, help you avoid costly mistakes and time-wasters AND allow you to reach your goals faster and with less headache. If you are already in business, this conference will provide tools to revitalize, refocus and/or rekey your business and assist you in getting more out of your business by working smarter.

Join us online or by phone, Sunday, October 13, 2013, for this exciting and informative event. Nandi, founder of Nandi's Naturals, will be one of the guest panelists. Register Now

Two Mistakes New Handmade Businesses Make

Posted by KreyolGirl on 9/1/2013 to Business Tips & Things

The most frequent complaint voiced among any business starting out is the lack of working capital. The initial, often lean years require a business to operate more frugally than at any other time. Every expenditure has to be closely monitored. In the sense of expenditures, small businesses come to learn one thing rather quickly: time is as valuable to the success of a business as is money.

Ask any small business owner what they could use more of and they’ll quickly state time and money. Where most miscalculate early on is how much time is required to dedicate to the business. Not simply creating goods, but the time needed to setup and maintain websites, create and disseminate marketing literature, remain relevant, reconcile product and marketing costs against customer purchases, and other necessities of doing business.

Three Ways to Help Customers Remember

Posted by KreyolGirl on 8/23/2013 to Business Tips & Things
As a new business building a brand or a more established business looking to create more sustained relationships, it’s important that certain practices be implemented that set your business apart from others. You want to establish habits that will regularly remind older customers why they chose you and prospective customers about why they should. Below I share three of my methods for developing and sustaining relationships.
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