Moisturizer FAQ

Nandi's Naturals Hand & Body Lotion

No Phenoxyethanol. No Mineral Oil. No Petroleum. 

You haven't known love of a product until you've tried our all-natural whipped body butters—no water or preservatives added, just skin-saturating, soothing butters and oils—that can be used to moisturize your body from head to toe! We’ve even got a specially brewed skin relief butter for expectant mothers, baby and those with various skin conditions. To help you love baby from head-to-toe, try our Mellow Baby Whipped Body Butter. Our Root & Scalp Butter will keep your hair feeling and looking healthy. Your healthy beauty regimen would not be complete without our non-greasy, skin-loving facial cream, aptly called, "To Face, With Love," and our hydrating hand and body lotions."

Customers rant and rave about our moisturizing lip balms—once you glide, you can’t stop. And, last, but in no way least, our body butter bars are the perfect balm for dry, chapped heels, hands and elbows, pregnant bellies, baby’s bum—wherever serious moisture is needed! True to our word, we list all ingredients all the time on every product. No surprises. No hidden secrets.

What’s up with the simple labeling?

You’ll find that our product labels are simple—by choice. The way Nandi’s Naturals likes to do things. We’d much rather concentrate our efforts and buying power into ensuring you get a quality product than to be concerned about expensive labeling. Who cares about pretty labels if the product can’t live up to it?

What can I expect in the way of quality?

Mellow Baby Whipped Body ButterPlease keep in mind that these are natural, handmade products and therefore subject to slight variations. What will never vary is the quality and freshness of the product. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to make things right.

To get the best longevity out of your product, you should always wash your hands and apply to clean skin. It is also recommended that products be used within a month or two of opening. Products used past this timeframe may not work as well or may have begun to deteriorate, affecting their quality. Because these are natural products, they should not be exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight, as this may shorten product life and effectiveness.

My product arrived melted. What should I do?

During the hotter months or if you live in temperate climates, it is quite possible whipped body butters and body butter bars might melt during transit. If this happens, please know that, in the case of whipped body butters, you are still receiving the amount of product noted on the packaging. Whipping the product requires placing it in a larger jar, because of the fluffier texture. Body butter bars will usually solidify once placed in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator for a few minutes.

While we do not ensure against product melting, here are a few tips for returning melted body butters to a somewhat similar consistency as when it was shipped:

  • If the product has liquefied, place in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to solidify. If the product has solidified, skip this step and move to the next step.
  • Using a clean, dry spoon (be careful not to introduce any water into product), spoon the product into a mixing bowl. A whisk attachment works best.
  • Set the mixer on a medium or higher setting and whip until the product has "peaks."
  • Spoon back into container and keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight or heat, until ready to use.

Do you use any questionable ingredients?

We do our best to ensure that all ingredients used in our moisturizers are safe and of the highest quality. Any ingredients that we can purchase as certified organic, we do. While an ingredient may be considered “safe or natural,” some, such as certain essential oils (e.g., sage during pregnancy), should not be used by certain individuals or at certain times (e.g., during pregnancy, by those with high blood pressure). We advise anyone purchasing a product for the first time to read the ingredient list thoroughly and conduct a patch test on a small area prior to using large amounts of the product.

Also, there has been some discussion regarding the use of emulsifying wax—with some for, some against. Emulsifying wax is used to bind water and oil and serves as the global choice for water/oil binding. Without some type of emulsifier, there’s a chance for separation when producing certain body care products containing water.

The emulsifying wax used by Nandi’s Naturals in our liquid lotions is plant based and National Formulary approved. The Cosmetics Database gives emulsifying wax a rating of 4. We are still awaiting a more official rating of this product, since the current rating is not based on studies or effects on the human body, but by the lack of information the database has obtained thus far. We will continue to monitor the ratings of this ingredient. In the meantime, we use only what is needed to bind our water and oil mixtures.

How do I know which of your ingredients are organic?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible by placing an (*) next to every ingredient that is certified organic. Because we limit where we purchase our ingredients and are very choosy in who fits the bill, it’s easy for us to track the certificates that certify our raw ingredients. Again, bringing you the highest-quality products, containing the highest-quality ingredients at the best price is our ultimate goal.

How long from the time I order one of your moisturizers to receipt?

All of our products are handmade in small batches to help maintain freshness and quality. Orders normally ship within 4-5 business days from time of purchase, unless placed on weekends or holidays. We ask that you add an additional day or two, should you place an order during these times. If for some reason, due to high demand of a product or non-availability of an ingredient, we cannot fill your order right away, we will notify you immediately. Any items that are available will be shipped immediately. Outstanding items will be shipped as soon as they become available. We will cover shipping charges on the outstanding items!

What if I need assistance deciding on the moisturizer that’s best for me?

Call or e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to assist you. We can even whip up your own special brew!

In the meantime, moisturize responsibly.


Nandi’s Naturals lists ALL ingredients ALL the time, and we never test on animals.