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A. Berry, Georgia
This was the first body bar I bought, and I just adore the smell. I was looking forward to the orange scent, but the lovely mix of cocoa is just delicious. I enjoy yummy smells, but I hate artificial smells—they make me sneeze and they just smell . . . artificial. Nandi knows natural. Her stuff just smells GOOOOOD.

M. Hill, New Mexico
Great natural, healthy products! I use them and so should you!

A. Ahrataza, Georgia
My new favorite by Nandi’s Naturals is the Oranges ‘N Cream pit stick. Remember the cream tootsie rolls? That’s exactly what it reminds me of. Nandi’s Naturals list all of the ingredients, no garbage, no chemicals, no poisons, no cancer later. I know my children are safe using them. The essential oils are divine. I have gifted Nandi’s Naturals to friends and family members. I enjoy the long list of products: pit sticks, lip balms, lotions, body butters, bug repellants, hair products and baby products. Visit the Brewmeister at NandisNaturals.com

C. Parker, Panama
I love your all-natural deodorant. Works wonderfully on my son.

A. Zulu, Alabama
Nandi, your almond butter is amazing! The scent is intoxicating. Bordering toward an aphrodisiac! It was responsible for one memorable massage!
Amani na Baraka (peace and blessings)

A. Hilaire, Florida
Arrival: Hi, There! Just received my order today and used my whipped almond butter after my shower this evening . . . Nandi, my skin says THANK YOU!!

Follow-up: Nandi!!! Thank you sooo very much for the skin relief cream . . . It has helped soo much with my last trimester itchies! :-) xoxo

A. Shabazz, Maryland
I love the Skin Relief Butter and Coconut Lime Lip Soother. I appreciate the ease of using your site. My order came in a timely fashion. Look for my repeat business.

A. Muhammad, Alabama
Upon arrival: We just received our order. These pit sticks smell wonderfully. Everyone is ready to try them now. :-) Sis. Nandi, thank you so much, especially for sending the other scent for us to try. It is much appreciated.

After Use: My husband loves the unscented pit stick, and the family likes the other scents, too.

J. Lominy, New York
Nandi, thank you so much for the sample! I love the baby body bar even more than the stick. I feel like I know exactly how much I’m putting on now, better than I could compared to the sticks. I can’t say enough about your products. I really don’t know what I would do without that baby lotion stick—NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING, compares to it. I’ve tried everything natural and nothing works better. Not even coconut oil, and I SWEAR by some coconut oil for everything. Keep making your stuff! We can’t go without it! Lots of LOVE!

B. Ware, New York
I wanna give a shout out to Nandi, she has a great line of all natural products (deodorants, moisturizers, etc.) at Nandi’s Naturals. I’m using her deodorant & my wife loves the body butter bar. No disappointments here & I have another order in the works!

M. Reign, Canada
I am totally in love with these! It was so difficult for me to find a totally natural lip balm. I love that the ingredients are so few, yet work so perfectly to not only moisturize lips, but to protect them AND add a nice soft gloss to them. I especially love the scents and have to remind myself to not eat them off my lips! I am on my way to ordering more so I can have one in each jacket, one in my purse, and another in the car.

Trevor, London
I traveled from Atlanta to London on Tues and my feet were aching and tired. After taking a shower, I used the peppermint body butter and all I can say is WOW! My feet felt amazing! Will definitely be purchasing more. Trevor, London

S. Thomas, Ohio
I was so happy when I saw my box from Nandi’s Naturals on my porch! Can’t wait to put on some Grapetastic Lip Balm! No wait, love the CoCo Mint! No wait, spearmint sounds good too. And Jasmine Vanilla Body Butter! Love this stuff! It’s so wonderful! Love my lotion sticks too. Yay!!!!!

N. Karmo, Indiana
I just wanted to give my testimonial of your deodorant stick. For the past 3 weeks, I have put your deodorant through multiple ‘tests’: First, I went survival camping with it, then I took a rigorous African Dance class while using it, worked hard in the garden, and so on, and to my happiness, my underarms had maintained a neutral odor with minimal sweatiness. Side note: My 9-yr felt all grown up with her very own lip balm. Meda ase, Sis. I’ll order more in the future.

S. Gandy
I can’t say enough good things about ‘Nandi’s Skin Relief Butter.’ It literally melts into your skin leaving it so soft and supple. I’ve used it on my skin and hair with AMAZING results. Oh, you want to know about the deodorant? You know it’s good when your husband ditches his for yours!! I’m sold . . . Nandi’s Naturals is awesome!

C. Green, Georgia
S/O to Nandi’s Naturals for my organic skin relief butter! Thank you for the lotion stick too! #iminlove

E. Barrientosi, Hawaii
I received my package yesterday and already giving out samples. :-) The deodorant is our new staple, thank you so much, Nandi! And loving lotion stick.

M. Clark, Florida
Two words about your deodorant . . . IT WORKS!!!

L. Hughes, Georgia
I want you to know my [lotion] stick is officially MIA thanks (I think, well, pretty sure) to my youngest daughter whom I won’t mention out loud. Good products . . . good company to support!

S. Robinson, Georgia
I’m soooooooo in love with my Peppermint bar. Every time I apply it, I sing, ‘I smell good!’ *in my James Brown voice* LOL

S. Robinson, Georgia
I’m LOVING my cocoa mint lip balm. It feels and smells SO good! #hooked

Mama Kali, Georgia
I really love Nandi’s Naturals lotion bars. It feels so good on the skin!

E. Williams, Texas
I love mine [lip balm] . . . I just put some on a few minutes ago.

G. Robertson, Louisiana
I must say I am impressed with how quickly your lotion bar moisturizes cracked and scaly skin. I’ve used it on my cracked heels and my lower leg area where the skin was dry, cracked, and scaly, the lotion bar repaired those problems right away. Thanks for creating such an awesome product. . . .

Mayasa, Georgia
Thank you so much. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pit stick!!!