Get Rid of Ashy, Scaly Legs & Calloused, Peeling Feet in 3 Steps
In this video, Nandi's Naturals' Head Brewmeister Yolanda "Nandi" Jacobs shares tips for eliminating extremely dry lower legs and calloused, peeling feet.

Why we do what we do! 

Nandi's Skin Relief Butter made this expectant mother so happy, she praised it in her video. This is why we do what we do!

Customer Appreciation: Nandi's Skin Relief Butter

One of our customers so loved using our Skin Relief Butter during her pregnancy, she mentions it in a YouTube video. We feel so loved!

Carrier, Fragrance and Essential Oils: What's The Difference?

At a recent event held at a local shop (Axum Culture) that carries our products, I gave a presentation on the difference between carrier, fragrance and essential oils. Here's a snippet from that event.

Nandi's Naturals "Pit Stick" Tips

Is there a science to keeping pits free of irritation? Yes, there is, and proper application can go a long way toward that goal. In this video, Nandi, founder and head brewmeister of Nandi's Naturals, offers tips for application of her deodorant pit sticks along with a tip or two for prevention of pit irritation.

Body Bars and Lotion Sticks Demystified

The questions often arise: What are body bars and solid lotion sticks, and some best uses? In this short video, Nandi, head brewmeister of Nandi's Naturals, unravels the mystery of these solid, waterless bars and sticks and their various uses, from relieving dry, itchy skin to moisturizing and helping to maintain the suppleness of the skin.